Green Penthouse

The project envisions a new solution for a living space in the midst of the urban environment. The otherwise forgotten roofs of the city can now be re-thought and re-adapted.

The proposed living suite is composed of tilted windows that form a perfect circle offering a 360 degree view upon the city. The windows are connected by a gently curved green roof. The roof has multiple functions such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation for the apartment, reducing overall urban air temperature and creating a habitat for birds in the city. It's composed of pre-fabricated concrete slab + waterproofing membrane + drainage layer + growing medium + living plants & a self-irrigation system.

Inside the penthouse there are 3 different spaces: relax, eat and sleep, all with the exact same area. The dividing walls provide all the support for the apartment such as kitchen equipment, storage, restroom and shafts. The access to the apartment is provided by the extension of the core of the pre-existing building.

These living typologies can be installed in multiple roofs throughout the city. It has a double gesture of providing a greener life quality and a better living condition for its inhabitants. Would you move here?

Marisa Marques
Tiago Barros