Shattered Crossing

The Portuguese landscape will soon be torn by the new high-speed train TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse). In order to guarantee its functionality, an infinite number of suspended cables in a web-like form are needed, as well as a permanent cut that will produce a constant mark in the landscape.

How to cross this boundary? Through an object that "dematerializes" itself but still keeps its relationship with the ground. This object is composed by a steel structure that makes a 25 degree angle with the surface of the Earth, defying gravity. There are two alternatives to cross the train line: one is at low-grade, because it is underground, is interior and visually isolated. The other one is above-grade, because it is aerial and exterior. The object "dematerializes" as it leaves the ground, as a result of a high-speed train that just passed by.

This passage allows to dynamically cross this dangerous border and add a new urban icon that intertwines and extrapolates itself along the train line.

Tiago Barros
Vasco Mateus